Reorganizing My Shop

" The whole shop - reorganized?"

I have to admit..its been nice lately having some time for a bit of "spring" clean-up. I won't lie...we are having a bit of spring weather here in Central Oregon while the East Coast gets dumped on were unusually warm right now. We were told it was going to be a really really "cold " winter according to the Farmer's Almanac...but I guess it just passed us right on by! What do ya know? So..well, I can't complain, I will be glad to take some warm weather. Were at 54 degrees right now and sunny...sweet! When your working in a cold garage..cold weather is NO fun!

" My solid oak workbench. I had this made by a carpenter needing work here in town for a super price."

Last year working in my shop was soooooo cold. I have contemplated in splitting some light industrial space with other metal smiths in town, but I really don't need more expenses to incur. This "was" my husband's shop originally, but he has NOW let me take it over. I have slowly been hiding his tools and guy "stuff" in those cupboards you see to the right! He seriously is a sweetheart to give up his shop for my jewelry..hugs to my Chuck!

"My old workbench, now my soldering station. Bought this for $75 bucks on craigslist. Its actually an old bankers desk. Works great for storage..and very roomy!"

So,I cleaned up the garage this last month to make it more of my own space..its still rugged but it is more roomy and pleasant now. During the summer its not so bad working in the shop, with the garage door open its actually very nice, ..but during winters it can get so cold and I don't feel like working with blue fingers and a runny cold nose! I have to use several electrical heaters to warm this place up and when it's snuggy warm, I actually like this place now!

I also have added another working table in the middle of the room and it sure is nice. You can't go wrong with more room to work on..believe me. I was lucky to find this table below on craigslist for only $25!

"My center work me more room to spread out. $25 bucks on craigslist! Wow!"

It's funny because I was just checking out how immaculate someone else's shop was and I about died! I could never be that organized! Some of you are probably wondering how funny I am thinking my shop is all neat right now..but well, you should have seen this place before. Let's not go there! I did not even take pictures..don't need memories of my messy shop! But, I am finding a bit of peace with this spot of my own..thanks God!

turquoise gemstone sterling silver earrings"Just a little something I had fun making this morning! I will list them later on today."

turquoise earrings"A pair of rustic turquoise sterling silver earrings, handcrafted by HelenesDreams."

Thanks for reading my friends..have a good weekend.. Cheers!

Have fun with the Superbowl Thing! I will try, but personally would rather make jewelry!


Unknown said...

Your studio is great! I too work in my hubby garage, and it's a bloody mess! I long for a setup much like yours. As for the superbowl, me too, I'd rather be doing the jewelry thing!

Tins and Treasures said...

Good afternoon,
Your studio looks wonderful. Could you stop by and help me organize mine! Happy Weekend ~Natalie

logoglo said...

Love this!! do you have a catalogue? or prices?

Rachael said...

The new work bench looks perfect and beautifully made.
I like that you make good use of second hand furniture too.

Unknown said...

love the earrings; their gorgeous. I just started beading, so I don't have the skills you have, your stuff is very inspirational. Check out my stuff at:

Anonymous said...

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