Etsy's New Website Look

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I am sort of going crazy with the new website look that Etsy has going on! They are not leaving us any room for personal announcements and it makes me nervous. If you have to announce current turnover times, or family emergencies, or anything of importance we better hope our readers decide to click on "read more"!

I really feel disheartened with Etsy right now. As a seller with two shops there I pay a lot of fees every month and I can't for the life of me understand why they would give us this open announcement option for all of these years and then decide one day that it is not important for us to have.

They say people complain about having to scroll past the announcements. I have to ask if these are the same people who are afraid to walk too? Because scrolling does not consume very many calories and simply... people are this lazy? It really is very ashame.

I truly believe that Etsy has grown to be so successful because 1st of its community feeling. And being a community means we can express ourselves ..our personality. I truly believe each shop had its opening narration to the artist or seller of every store. Some used their announcements with very few words..some told you a story ..but still it was the words that brought personality to each store.

Now, when I look at our shops all I see is stuff...LOTS of stuff for sale on Etsy now. It is blinding to me. There is no white balance and basically after the 1st page..I can't wait to stop looking. Before Etsy was a it's the opposite. It literally changed poles on me.

I rarely allow things to get to me, but for some reason I am going to have to pray for peace on this one because it really does make me mad.

I think what really makes me most upset is that Etsy does not give us the option. It really feels like Etsy is running my store and not myself. Even though, I know the day's in and out's of what my customers ask and need..they feel they know more. It really is hard to believe considering they run a web store business and I make custom made to order jewelry. There is quite a difference.

Please make sure you click "read more"...because you might be missing out on something else.

Just want to say thanks to Etsy..for all the editing I have to do now on over 2oo or so items..when I already have so much jewelry I need to make.


Unknown said...

hey there! i just feel like it looks really unbalanced.
Thanks for sharing your take on it, though. i was curious how others felt.

i wish you all the best with the adjustment. I am sure you'll feel at home with your shop again soon!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

I am not happy with the new look either. Actually I had to idea they were changing it until I read your blog post and checked my shop this morning. I haven't hung out in the forums in forever. I would have liked an e-mail from etsy letting us know what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, as a user, not a seller, I do not like the new look of Etsy either. I am right-handed and naturally look to the right side of the screen to check the categories. I too, do not like it that the comments re: sales , vacations, whatever, can only be viewed by clicking continue. I also hate having to scroll down to close the white dialog box. I also hate that I continually have to move by cursor so I dont miss the items on the right side of the screen. What was wrong with the old look I liked. Pat aka 7 kitties

Bridgette Jessen said...

Hi Helene!

I always check out your blog on what's new and happening and just caught this post. I, too, have a shop on etsy and was very disheartened to see the changes when I looked at my shop one day. I also feel the announcement section is very important for us to not only leave news, updates, etc., but to express our creative process in case people don't bother looking at your profile. I also have some of my friend's shops listed as well for links and now these are not shown unless someone clicks on the more link. Thank you for expressing yourself here. As artists it is vital that we are able to do that in all mediums. Let's hope they'll give us the option, but I won't hold my breath. Take care!